What People Are Saying About Us…

“Before meeting Tessa, I knew very little about wine. I liked the famous Spanish “Rioja” wines but knew little about California wine. She, however, has an extensive body of knowledge of wines from all over the world. She exposed me to wines that I would never have tried without her guidance. I have since spent time in both Napa and Sonoma getting to know CA wineries. I’m pleased with those trips because her connections allowed me to visit tasting rooms only available by appointment and/or invitation! Not only in Northern California’s wine country, she also has local contacts in Temecula and Orange County as well. Tessa has successfully turned me into a wine lover!”

–Josina T, Mission Viejo

“Tessa Heaney knows wine. I met Tessa six years ago while strolling into a wine store in Laguna Beach where she was working. She asked me if I was there for the tasting and I was pleasantly surprised because I did not know they did tastings.  That day Tessa taught me so much about wine that it changed the way I thought about and enjoyed wine. She took the time to really listen to me so she could truly understand my likes and dislikes. It takes a special kind of person that has the ability to really listen and want to be helpful. Tessa is that person. From that day forward I could always trust Tessa would provide me with the perfect bottle of wine for my taste. She also is amazing at pairing. I could tell her what I was planning on making and she always picked the perfect wine to compliment. It has been a pleasure to have Tessa as my wine ‘guru’.”

–Patty T, Buena Park

“When I first met Tessa I must admit I knew very little about wine.  I had several friends that lived up in San Francisco and they were always speaking about this wine or that winery and I always wish I was more educated to understand what they were talking about or just to understand a wine list a little bit more.  Well Tessa knew of my interest and lack of knowledge and she really took me under her wing.  She educated me about the basics and even showcased the different tastes and what wine I would gravitate toward with my specific palate.   I’ll never forget the time she took me to a tasting and explained to me what the different wines were and what I could expect them to taste like.  It was such an incredible experience to taste so many wines that I have never been exposed to.  Just make sure you spit out the wine and don’t taste everything!  I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for a specific pairing or to any novice that was just trying to learn about wine.  Her patience and her love of wine will make it an experience to remember.”

–Joe I, Del Mar

“Tessa has an outgoing personality that translates into great customer service and has demonstrated a passion for learning more about wine (a lifelong pursuit) in the years I have known her. She provides an excellent setting and atmosphere in her wine tasting sessions. You will love her!”

–Bill B, Laguna Niguel

“I am a health professional and I was once clueless about wine until I met Tessa. She takes that stress to impress others  down a notch for me especially when either I am entertaining at home, buying a gift or bringing a bottle to a dinner party. Her professionalism and extensive experience serving in the wine industry is balanced with her genuine delight to educate her clients throughout her coaching.She is always a quick resource away when I am in a panic and has helped me understand the fine art of pairing like no other.  Her extensive travel around the world and rare local finds makes her always bringing something new to the table so I am always learning.  Sharing her expertise with my family and friends in Napa , Central Coast, Temecula, backyard dinner parties…. you name it you’ll want her there to lead the way. She is a sweet & rare grape.”

–Cynthia C, San Clemente

“What makes a bottle of wine good? People who know wine will spout terms like tannins (acid), bouquet (floral notes), fruit forward (sweet fruity flavor), astringent (dry), vintage (year), regions (where the grape is grown), and so on. Terms that can be intimidating. Personally a good wine is a wine that tastes good to me, a wine that appeals to my palate (taste buds). When you sit down to a beautiful table, white linens, glistening china, polished silver wear, glowing candles, fragrant flowers, sparkling wine glasses, crystal decanter, you know your are in for a gastronomic feast. No one decants a “cheap” bottle of wine, decanting is a ritual reserved for “good” bottles of wine, a time honored ritual that elevates a good bottle of wine to the spectacular. Why decant? When you decant a bottle of wine, pull the cork, pour it out into a decanter, a vessel designed to aerate,  oxidization occurs and the wine mellows, making the tannins dissipate and the flavor of the wine more palatable. All the same I would have no idea what any of this mean if it weren’t for Tessa and her wine expertise. She has taken the intimidation out of the wine experience and taught me how to enjoy wine without spending a small fortune, by explaining to me why certain wines taste good to me, buttery Chardonnay, fruity Pinot Noir, full body Cabernet, she has demystified wine lingo and made wine tasting fun. Wine should taste good, we should know what wine tastes good to us and we should know which wines to buy that appeal to our taste buds and fit into our budget. Tessa has ‘taken the intimidation out of the wine experience’ and made it easy, fun and affordable.”

–Heidi V, Corona Del Mar

“I do enjoy wine and thought I knew a fair amount about wine until I had the pleasure of meeting Tessa Heaney from Decanted.  Tessa was not only informative, but very comforting.  There was a bit of anxiety and intimidation before meeting her, but within minutes I felt relaxed and ready to expand my knowledge.  At the end of our session, I honestly felt like I could order wine at a fine French restaurant.  I look forward to working with Tessa in the near future at other events and venues!”

–Wayne R, Laguna Beach